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Leaded Double Glazed Units - leaded windows are a classic style of windows that were prevalent during the Georgian architectural period, which spanned from the early 18th to the early 19th century. These windows are known for their symmetrical and elegant designs, featuring small square or rectangular glass panes held together by lead strips, creating a distinctive grid pattern.

Here are some key features and characteristics of leaded double glazed units for windows:

Layouts: The defining feature of Georgian square leaded units is the grid pattern created by the lead strips (lead cames) that hold the individual glass panes together. This grid divides the window into multiple smaller panes, giving it a classic and timeless appearance.

Single Panes: Origanally Georgian square leaded panels typically have multiple small glass panes within the grid, as opposed to larger single panes commonly found in modern windows. These small panes were a result of the technology available during the Georgian era.

Symmetry and Proportion: Georgian architecture is known for its emphasis on symmetry and proportion, and this is reflected in the design of leaded units. The number of panes on each side of the grid is usually balanced to create a harmonious and visually appealing look.

Casement Windows: Georgian square leaded glass panels were commonly designed as casement windows, which are hinged on one side and open outward. Casement windows were a popular choice during the Georgian era and allowed for better ventilation.

Traditional Craftsmanship: The construction of Georgian square leaded windows requires skilled craftsmanship. The individual glass panes are cut to size and fitted into the lead cames, which are then soldered together at the intersections to create a sturdy and decorative window panel.

Modern Reproductions: While authentic Georgian square leaded windows are still found in historic buildings and homes, modern reproductions are also popular for those seeking to replicate the classic Georgian architectural style.

Energy Efficiency: Traditional leaded windows without additional glazing might not offer the same level of energy efficiency as modern double-glazed windows. However, modern reproductions can incorporate energy-efficient features, such as double glazing, to improve insulation and reduce heat loss.

Georgian square leaded windows continue to be admired for their timeless elegance and charm. They add character and a sense of history to both period properties and modern homes seeking to incorporate traditional architectural elements. If you are interested in installing Georgian square leaded units into your windows, it's essential to work with skilled craftsmen or reputable manufacturers who specialize in creating these classic leaded units such as Sealed Units Online.

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