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Raked and Shaped Double Glazed Units

Raked and Shaped Double Glazed Units refer to insulated glass units (IGUs) that have non-standard or custom shapes rather than being simple rectangular or square. These specialized IGUs are designed to fit windows or doors with unique or complex geometries, providing both functional and aesthetic benefits. Shaped double-glazed units are commonly used in architectural designs where standard-sized windows are not suitable due to specific design requirements.

Here are some key aspects of shaped double-glazed units:

1. Customization: Shaped double-glazed units are highly customizable to fit various architectural styles and design preferences. They can be manufactured in a wide range of shapes, including arched, circular, triangular, trapezoidal, or any other non-standard shape needed to match the specific window or door opening.

2. Energy Efficiency: Like standard double-glazed units, shaped IGUs offer excellent energy efficiency by providing an insulating air or gas-filled space between the glass panes. This helps reduce heat transfer and improve thermal performance, resulting in lower energy consumption for heating and cooling.

3. Low-E Coatings: Shaped double-glazed units can be enhanced with low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings. These coatings help to further improve energy efficiency by reflecting heat back into the room, reducing heat loss through the glass.

4. Sound Insulation: The air or gas-filled space between the glass panes in shaped double-glazed units also contributes to improved sound insulation, reducing external noise levels and creating a quieter indoor environment.

5. Safety and Security: Depending on the application and requirements, shaped double-glazed units can be manufactured using tempered or laminated glass to enhance safety and security. Tempered glass is more robust and shatters into small, less harmful pieces when broken, while laminated glass holds together when shattered, reducing the risk of injury.

6. Decorative Options: Shaped double-glazed units offer various decorative options to enhance the aesthetics of the building's facade or interior. They can be further customized with decorative grilles, mullions, or beveled glass to add elegance and charm.

7. UV Protection: These specialized IGUs can also be equipped with UV-blocking coatings to protect indoor furnishings, fabrics, and artworks from fading or damage caused by harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

8. Professional Installation: Due to their non-standard shapes, installing shaped double-glazed units may require skilled professionals and specialized techniques to ensure a proper fit and seal.

 Shaped double-glazed units offer architects and designers greater flexibility in their building designs, allowing them to incorporate unique and visually appealing window and door openings. However, the complexity and custom nature of shaped IGUs might make them more expensive than standard-sized double-glazed units. It's essential to work with experienced glass manufacturers and installers who can accurately measure, produce, and install these custom units to ensure they meet the required performance and aesthetic standards.

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