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PLANITHERM 4S (Four Seasons)
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PLANITHERM 4S is a four seasons thermal insulation glass coating for year round comfort and is perfect for use in your conservatory as it reflects unwanted heat from the outside whilst reducing the amount of internal heat lost.

A conservatory needs to offer useable living space that you can utilise at any time of the day or year without excessive overheating in summer or draughts in winter. PLANITHERM 4S will afford you such luxury to enable you to get the most out of your conservatory whatever the weather.

Results from a conservatory glazing study show that using PLANITHERM 4S throughout can reduce peak summer temperatures by up to 13˚C when compared to traditional low-E glazing. Overall, the improved temperature stability throughout hot or cold periods has the potential to halve the energy required to maintain a comfortable environment all year round.

It's important to check with Sealed Units Online for the most up-to-date and accurate information on the features and specifications of Planitherm 4S glass, as different versions or updates may have been released. If you are considering using Planitherm 4S glass for a specific project, consulting with us is advised before ordering.