Help with Ordering

Outer Pane
For most domestic properties this is typically 4mm Clear. For larger patio door units over 2 m2 it is advisable to order 6mm glass as large sheets of 4mm glass may bow during the toughening process.
6.8mm Laminate serves two purposes. It has very good acoustic properties helping to cut out noise and is also a safety glass helping to prevent break ins through the glazed area. The laminated glass will stay in place when smashed making it more difficult for would-be thieves to get it.
A selection of pattern glass is also available for any obscure bathroom or door units required, these will always be the outer pane.

The overall thickness of the unit you require will determine the cavity thickness required. For example a 4mm Clear Outer / 16mm Spacer Bar - Cavity / 4mm Softcoat Inner would create an overall unit thickness of 24mm.
The cavity will always be filled with Argon gas as standard, it is this heavy inert gas along with the softcoat inner pane that makes the units high performance units.

Inner Pane
4mm Softcoat is the most common option for most domestic properties. The softcoat is a coating that on the inside of the unit that helps to reflect the heat back into the property. All modern high performance sealed units should have a softcoat inner pane. 6mm glass should be selected for any units over 2 m2 or where a thicker, stronger glass is required.

Units which will be fitted into a window where the glazed area is low and falls within 800mm from finished floor height should be toughened. Units which will be fitted into a door or adjacent to a door should also be toughened. Toughened glass is referred to as saftey glass, once toughened the glass is much harder to break but also breaks into lots of tiny pieces which are less likely to injure than larger shards of glass.

Georgian bars
These are optional and mimic the bars used to separate smaller panes in older wooden windows. These are 18mm or 25mm wide and typcially white or Wood Effect.

Spacer Bar
This is the bar around the perimeter of the unit used to space the two panes of glass. This is available in Silver or Brown/Bronze Aluminium, Black, White, Gold or Grey warm edge. Warm Edge bars are made from a plastic material and reduce thermal transfer which improves the overall performance of the unit.

Width x Height. The units will be made to the nearest mm, a tolerance should be allowed for fitting, this tolerance will be determined by the specific rebate depth of your frame. It is important to input the width and height the correct way around for any patterned glass units as some of the patterns are directional.

How to measure your sealed units.
The most accurate way to measure your unit is to remove it from the frame.
This is a relatively simple process as seen in this video. How to remove a double glazed unit.
Alternatively you can measure the window in situe by removing a single bead to see how far the unit sits in to the rebate. You can measure the overall thickness of the unit by opening one of the opening windows then measuring the thickness using reach around calipers.

All of the our units are covered by a 10 year, from delivery date, warranty. If in the unlikely event of experiencing any problem with a unit then please dont hesitate to call for a replacement unit.